Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino

client: Ed Vance & Associates Architects
2014-2016 (Las Vegas, Nevada) OPENED 12/3/16

With the Grand Opening on December 3, 2016, the luxurious Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino is the first, ground-up casino in Las Vegas designed to emulate an elegant and authentic Asian cultural and gaming experience.

Integrated within our designs are auspicious symbols and color design invoking wealth and well-being, contributing to an overall auspicious environment that will resonate both with patrons of Asian cultures and English speaking guests.

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The Goldwyn Apartments

client: 10300 Venice LLC
2018, Los Angeles, California

The idea behind this project was to inspire residents to take the stairs. Based on our client’s concept, we researched quotes from notable, influential people (Martin Luther King, Jr., Walt Disney, A.A. Milne, to name a few), and designed compositions for the north-side five-level interior stairwell. Material is laser-cut vinyl.

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Moonastar Collective

Waking State Design created the visual branding for Moonastar, rolling the brand through store signage, clothing tags, corporate communications.


Vinowa, Kyoto

client: R204 Design
2007 (Los Angeles, CA)

Words unspoken, silence in the mist that drapes the barren trees. Ancient stones connect the city to itself, and to today. It is a reflection, the city, the people, the place.

This project represents the challenge of visually expressing, through the built environment, the inseparable ties between one of the world’s gems and those that build it day by day. The process is eternal. We are merely participants in the modern day evolution of Kyoto.

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Westfield Plaza Camino Real

client: Westfield Corporation, Los Angeles
2006, Carlsbad, California

Waking State Design designed an intuitive navigational system that served to unify the 1.125 million sf. shopping center built in the 1950s and having undergone several renovations.

The location, its history, and study of the demographic led us to develop a comprehensive visual language and overall system of integrated graphics which spoke to the region’s history and connection to the breathtaking coastline, with the goal of intuitively leading people through the expanse of surface parking into the several mall entrances.

This stage of Westfield’s work was a minor renovation, an intermediate step to entice visitors to return to this out-moded shopping center, before investing in a complete architectural overhaul. WSD was hired to work within the constraints of the existing center, bringing in color and imagery, adding visual interest. Our work ended with the Design Development phase, Westfield sold the center and did not redevelop.

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Hermosa Redondo School of Dance and Music

client: Hermosa Redondo Manhattan School of Dance and Music
2007, Redondo Beach, California

In 2007, WSD was commissioned to design a logo for the Hermosa Redondo (now the Hermosa Redondo Manhattan) School of Dance and Music. The logo expresses the movement and discipline of dance and music. It was applied to building signage and print collateral. We also hand-painted original murals of abstracted musical notes on the music studio walls.

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Phoenix Collier Center

Tamara designed these architectural details while Associate and Graphic Arts Director with The Jerde Partnership International, Inc.
2002, Phoenix, Arizona

Collier Center is a mixed-use development in Phoenix, AZ, located in the center of downtown activity, adjacent to Chase Field, US Airways Center and Phoenix Convention Center. The themes were derived from native desert elements: sun, scorpion, lizard, cactus, and the legendary Phoenix bird. Each theme was distilled down to distinctive geometric patterns that were conducive for cut metal and cast stone.

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Greenspot Village and Marketplace

client: Mission Development
2005, Highland, California

Highland rode the growing citrus industry to become a small, closely knit bustling community and experienced its “golden age” that lasted from the 1880’s through the 1930’s.

We drew our influences for the branding, signage and marketing collateral from this fertile period, including the citrus industry, railroad graphics, and early American print advertisements and visuals.

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The Garden

client: 360 Architects
2005, Newport Beach, California

The Garden, a design package that began with naming and visual identity, is a 4-story French Imperial styled shopping center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The Garden was slated as the first development of it’s type and scale in Vietnam. The project was intended to look as if it had grown in this place over time, beginning with the French Imperial architecture, through the various art and architectural periods, up to the early 1940’s. The logo reflects the name and the design philosophy, and sets in motion an organic process, around which all other design components were developed.

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